April 2019 – Autism Acceptance Week


In April has been supporting Autism Acceptance Week 2019.

  • Hannah’s school held an Autism Awareness day on April 2nd. Hannah wore her special North East Autism Society t shirt and was brave enough to give a talk to her class about her Autism and how it affects her. The talk was based around and expanded from her article here .


  • School were so impressed they published it in the school newsletter (see below)


  • Hannah and her family took part in the NEAS Walk for Autism on 12th April.



h autism school



February 2019 – Bearly Loved

In February, Hannah’s project was to collect unwanted teddies and soft toys for Bearly Loved.

Bearly Loved is an amazing charity which takes donated toys and gives them to children all over the world who are experiencing difficult times. Everyone needs some love and comfort, and having a bear to cuddle can make a massive difference to a child’s life. Toys have been sent to such places as Mexico, Bolivia, Croatia and some in the UK too.

Friends of Team HHH were so generous and donated 6 large sacks full of toys. There were bears, penguins, Princesses, turtles, just about every animal you can imagine.

Hannah delivered the collection to Bearly Loved in Manchester on Saturday 9th March, then she enjoyed an afternoon at LEGOLAND Discovery Manchester as a treat.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone for their support on this and all if Hannah’s projects!

You can read more about Bearly Loved here www.bearlyloved.org/



In August 2018 one of my best friends passed away. She had been very poorly all year and my mum had to tell me it was cancer which is really scary. She couldn’t come to school and had lots of treatment in hospital. I thought she was so brave so I started fundraising for the ward that was looking after her.

I would like to talk about Sam.

Sam was in my school year. She joined my school in Year 3 and we were friends from the first day. She loved music and cake just like me. She was kind and funny, and seemed to be happy spending time with me. I remember her smiling and her text messages. Neither of us liked school much so we looked after each other. My 9th birthday party with Sam and her sister Sophie, who is another one of my best friends, was one of the best days ever. We had a pamper party, then we ate cake and laughed a lot.

Sam was very creative . She made lots of things for me including the HHH logo in aquabeads. I use a picture of it on my Facebook page.

In July my mum told me that Sam had become more poorly so I wrote her a letter telling her how much I missed her and loved her. I know Sam’s mum read it to her which is comforting because not long after my mum told me that Sam had died. I think it is the saddest thing that has ever happened to me.

Sam has a bench at our old school which I like to visit, as I miss my friend everyday. Sam was funny, pretty and caring and I love her.




logo_transparentCROPIn April of this year, we were utterly heartbroken by the sudden loss of our gorgeous friend, Mya, loved by al the family.


Mya was Hannah’s brother Adam’s beloved best friend.


They had known each other for many years, and were inseparable classmates. Both had multiple, complex disabilities and had been through so much in their short lives. They enjoyed each other’s company, and very occasionally Mya would even let Adam hold her hand! Mya was strong, courageous and definitely knew her own mind. She was beautiful in every way.

Adam adored her. There is no other way of putting it. He is non-verbal but we always knew who was top for him. The mention of her name made him beam, and all the family recognised his Mya wiggle-giggle when he knew he was going to see his friend.

Adam has been without his friend for 6 months now.

He keeps Mya’s photo right where he can see it from his chair. He still laughs and waves at the mention of her name. He looks for her arriving at school with her Mum and Dad, every morning, even now. When asked to chose a middle name for his baby sister, there was only one option. Adam loves Mya, he misses her and he will certainly never forget her.

This Christmas, Hannah is fundraising for the North East charity Useful Vision, in honour and loving memory of an extraordinary young lady, Mya Jean Simpson.