logo_transparentCROPIn April of this year, we were utterly heartbroken by the sudden loss of our gorgeous friend, Mya, loved by al the family.


Mya was Hannah’s brother Adam’s beloved best friend.


They had known each other for many years, and were inseparable classmates. Both had multiple, complex disabilities and had been through so much in their short lives. They enjoyed each other’s company, and very occasionally Mya would even let Adam hold her hand! Mya was strong, courageous and definitely knew her own mind. She was beautiful in every way.

Adam adored her. There is no other way of putting it. He is non-verbal but we always knew who was top for him. The mention of her name made him beam, and all the family recognised his Mya wiggle-giggle when he knew he was going to see his friend.

Adam has been without his friend for 6 months now.

He keeps Mya’s photo right where he can see it from his chair. He still laughs and waves at the mention of her name. He looks for her arriving at school with her Mum and Dad, every morning, even now. When asked to chose a middle name for his baby sister, there was only one option. Adam loves Mya, he misses her and he will certainly never forget her.

This Christmas, Hannah is fundraising for the North East charity Useful Vision, in honour and loving memory of an extraordinary young lady, Mya Jean Simpson.


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