June 2016 – Three Peaks Challenge – Update 3

On June 28th, Team HHH (above: Alfie, Sam and Hannah) took on Simonside in Northumberland National Park as the last of three hill climbs rasing money for MND Scotland.


The weather was lovely and the scenery was stunning. We followed the hill path along many ups and downs, and after an hour or so we were tired so we stopped for our picnic lunch. Sam found a gorgeous spot on the hillside, so while we ate sandwiches we had an amazing view of Coquet valley and the far-off Cheviot hills.

We really wanted to keep going, so off we went again. We explored as we went, looking at trees and plants, picking up feathers and pine cones, examining fallen trees (and even climbing a few) and splashing in the puddles. We walked higher and higher, and the ground got steeper and muddier, but we wanted to keep going. Even Sam who has little 3-year-old legs kept walking although sometimes he had a ride on his Dad’s shoulders.

We climbed as far as we could but the path disappeared and it was all woodland, so we had to come back down again. Mum says we had been walking for over an hour and a half. It was very warm and we were starting to get tired. Walking back downhill was much easier!

When we got back to the car park Mum said we had been walking for over 3 hours and that we deserved a treat, so we went to Rothbury and had an ice cream before we went home.

Team HHH were fantastic, climbing much further up Simonside than we had planned. They have really earned their sponsorship money!



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