June 2016 – Three Peaks Challenge- Update 2


On June 19th, Team HHH  succesfully climbed Penshaw Hill in Sunderland as Peak Two of the Three Peaks Challenge for MND Scotland.

Penshaw hill is 446ft high and topped by the amazing, imposing Penshaw Monument. There are stunning views of the North East from the top.

Hannah and Alfie climbed right to the top of the hill, up steep steps. It wasn’t an easy climb, and they stopped for a few rests. At the top, they admired the view and got ready for the descent, which was much tougher.

Sam has little legs,and bravely managed half way. Adam stayed at the bottom (understandably, the hill isn’t wheelchair friendly).

After the climb, everyone had an ice cream to celebrate.

Massive thanks to Alfie and Sam (and their Mum and Dad) for once again being a vital part of this HHH project, and also to Hannah’s Grandpa and Grandma for supporting the team on the day (and providing chocolate).

Hannah is till fundraising at Virgin Money Giving. Thankyou to all our supporters!

Team HHH




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