“My Mum says I’m a Carer…” – A very personal post written by Hannah

Hi, I’m Hannah!




I am 7 years old and go to Langley First School.  I like superheroes, reading, baking, science and dancing.




This is my brother Adam.

Adam is 9 years old and likes Star Wars, dinosaurs, rugby and Formula 1.



Adam is disabled. He has conditions called Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.

Adam can’t walk so he uses a wheelchair.

He can’t talk so he uses an IPad.

He can’t sit up so he has a special chair and bed.

He can’t see very well so needs extra help to play.

Adam can’t eat food so he has a special tube into his tummy.

2014-10-29 12.41.02




Adam is a very special brother and we love each other very much!




My Mum says I’m a carer. This means I look after my brother because there are things he can’t do without help. I love helping Adam and I do it because he is happy and smiley and awesome.

I like to play with him and make sure he has the toys he wants.

I also help Mum and Dad by bringing Adam’s clothes, milk and washing things.

We have fun together. I love pushing Adam on the swing and reading to him.                2015-03-01 16.42.07



But our very favourite thing to do together is when…

I’m allowed to push Adam’s wheelchair!




From time to time, Adam gets very poorly and he has to go to hospital. I go to visit him, hug him and bring him comics and balloons. It can be worrying because my mum has to stay in hospital with Adam and I miss her. I try  my best to look after Dad while Mum is away and be smiley for everyone.

Sometimes there are emergencies at home and we have to call an ambulance. It is a bit scary but I am very brave, just like Adam!

I know there are a lot of people who need love and care  so I started Hannah’s Helping Hand to help them.

I will always look after Adam, even when I am grown up, because he is my best friend. I miss him when we are apart and I worry about him a lot but I know we will be ok because we love each other and he is awesome!

logomark and logotype-01-01



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