Alfie is a very good friend of Hannah’s who, with his little brother Sam,  has been a very important part of Hannah’s Helping Hand. Here, Alfie writes about joining in the Three Peaks Challenge for MND Scotland…

Hi, I’m Alfie and I’m 7 years old. I’ve known Hannah since we were babies and she’s been my friend ever since. I think HHH is a brilliant way to see new places and doing things for charity at the same time. I’m proud of Hannah and it’s good to help other people. I like helping.

On Saturday 4th June we  (Hannah, me and my little brother Sam) tackled the first of the Three Peaks, Northumberlandia. We met at the car park, slopped on sun cream because it was extremely sunny and made sure we had water in our backpacks. The café was closing up but we were ok because we had picnics for a reward at the end.
We looked at the map, had a team photograph taken and followed Hannah’s mummy up the first of lots of peaks. Some were harder than others and we had to help each other. The views were fantastic, we could see beautiful things around us.
We couldn’t walk to the very top, the face of Northumberlandia, because it was taped off for repairs. We had our picnic on her hand when we had finished our climb. Being a mountaineer is hard!
I’m looking forward to climbing peak number two (me and mummy aren’t sure my brother can last or do this one) and raise as much money as possible for MND Scotland. Thank you Aunty Katy and Hannah for inviting us to help.IMG-20160607-WA0007



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