April 2016 – Why We Need Changing Places


1397495_10153669482581694_4931625005649937177_oHannah’s brother Adam is severely disabled and unable to use a standard or even a specially adapted disabled  toilet.  Adam loves to get out and about, see friends, visit new places and experience the world.

Unfortunately, this is not easy for the family. As so few public places have the necessary Changing Place facilities, the choice is simple – restrict days out to a couple of hours, so Adam can go home and be changed, or use a hard, dirty toilet floor, if you can find a disabled toilet large enough.

Imagine being asked to place a loved one on the floor just to help maintain their personal hygiene and comfort? Would you chose to kneel  down in a cramped much-used toilet if you needed to use the facilities? Most people would be disgusted by the prospect, but it is a reality for carers every day.




If you can’t find a suitable indoor toilet, then you have to  resort to the ramp in the back of the car, and there’s absolutely no dignity or privacy in that.

Either way, bearing in mind that Adam is the typical height and weight of a 9 year old boy, the lifting and transferring is back-breaking for Mum and Dad.

It’s not just children either – can you imagine trying to transfer a disabled adult from chair to floor or a toilet without the assistance of a proper hoist?


Let’s make the world a more accessible place for everyone and install more Changing Places!

Changing Places allow people of all levels of mobility to get out into the world and experience it all.

Changing Places provide dignity and comfort for disabled people and their carers and families.

Changing Places mean that thousands of disabled people can visit for longer and be great customers!

Read more about Changing Places and how to install them  on their website.


Thank you!

Love from Hannah x



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