February 2016 – Making Worry Dolls

It’s February and time for Hannah’s next project. This one is very close to Hannah’s heart…

Hannah struggles with anxiety. She finds it difficult to control her worries about all sorts of things, but mainly her brother Adam – his illnesses and disabilities and being apart from him.


Recently Hannah read a book called Silly Billy, which is about a boy who worries too. In the book, Billy’s Grandma gives him some little  dolls to tell his worries to, so they can take them away from him and he can sleep better at night. Hannah made herself a paper worry doll which she keeps under her pillow.


So this month Hannah is making Worry Dolls.

The dolls are made from a colourful wooden peg decorated with felt and a jewel. They are kept in a yellow organza bag for safe keeping. Hannah will be sending some worry dolls to Post Pals children who may be having a difficult time at the moment, but she is also making them to order for anyone who would like one in return for a small donation to the charity Young Minds, which is concerned with improving mental health in children and young people.

Would you like Hannah to make you a personalised worry doll? Please see her Facebook page or email hannahshelpinghand@yahoo.co.uk and she will get going!

Hannah’s JustGiving page for Young Minds is here. or you can text HWWD99 £1 (or another number) to 70070.


Thank you!



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