December 2015 – The Elf Run

 06-12-2015 (18)

Hannah, her brother Adam and our friends Aidan and Alex took part in the Elf Run at the Metrocentre on Sunday 6th December 2015 at 9am. They were all running to raise funds for The Percy Hedley Foundation. Our friends Alfie and Sam were going to run too, but Alfie bashed his head off a table so had to go to hospital. Don’t worry , he’s fine! We did miss having them on the run though.

We warmed up with the head Elves and the Metro Gnomes, then Santa Claus himself was there to start the run. We high fived Santa as we passed the start line. We were some of the last to start but that didn’t matter as it meant we had lots of space to enjoy ourselves.

The lovely warm , indoor course wound its way round the shops and  back to the start where we all picked up a medal and certificate. Then we went and had a well deserved late breakfast!

06-12-2015 (11)
After the run with medals and certificates

Hannah and Adam want to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has supported their Elf Run through their Just Giving page  . So far they have raised an amazing £59! Aidan was also fundraising and has collected £60!

Thankyou Aidan, Alex, Alfie and Sam too. We had a brilliant time. x


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