November 2015 – Bryson’s Animal Refuge

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Hannah writes about her visit to Bryson’s in Gateshead (her October project, postponed to November 15th 2015.

Bryson’s is an animal refuge, established in 1947 helping and rehoming dogs, cats, small animals and on a different site, horses.Tracy at the shelter was our guide and everything was arranged by Abbi, who helps out at the shelter walking the dogs with her two sons Matthew and Reece.

I went to the Bryson’s Animal shelter with Mum,  Dad,  Adam and Abbi. We were introduced to a lady from the shelter called Tracy, who explained about the shelter and what they do there. First we went to see the rabbits. There were 4 or 5 rabbits, and they were very very nice and cuddly looking. They were hopping about and hiding. Next we went to go and see the cats, including some new kittens. Their fur looked soft and they were happy. I think they were well looked after. Next we went to see some of the dogs. The dogs were in their own enclosures, with soft beds with blankets, food and water and toys to play with. We met dogs called Bella and Heidi. Then Tracy took us to see Suggs. He absolutely loves children. He was an older dog aged 15! He had black fur and a short tail. I sat with him and stroked him, and we made friends. He was a kind, quiet dog, and I loved him.
Tracy showed us a lovely calendar of animals adopted from the refuge. I am going to put it up on my wall and keep it forever.  I also adopted Suggs! He will stay at the refuge but my sponsorship will help to provide food and toys for a whole year. I am looking forward to news about all of Suggs’ adventures.

I spent some of my pocket money on toys and food for all the animals – chewy treats for the dogs, Dreamies for the cats and apples and carrots for the rabbits.
My favourite thing about the shelter was meeting all the animals. Next year I will go back to Bryson’s to help Abbi walk the dogs.
Thankyou for all your brilliant help Tracy.
Thankyou lots and lots Abbi for arranging my visit.

Lots of love
Hannah xx


Thankyou to everyone at Bryson’s, and to Abbi. Hannah and Adam had a great visit.

You can learn more about Bryson’s Animal Refuge here.



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