Two Years of HHH!

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June 28th 2017 – Celebrating two amazing years of hard work and fun with Team HHH.

31 charities and good causes helped.

Over £2500 raised.

Chronicle Champions Awards finalist, December 2016

Prime Minister’s Points of Light award winner, March 2017

Chairman of North Tyneside Council’s Commedation award, June 2017

To Team HHH,

Thankyou for being amazing. You are all superstars and have made the world a better place, just by being you and doing what you do.

To all HHH’s supporters,

We are continually grateful for everything you do to help Hannah and Team HHH and make a difference in the world.

Chairman’s Commendation Scheme

Hannah Warburton 1B

On June 13th, Hannah was privileged to attend the Chairman of North Tyneside Council’s Award scheme. She received a  Commendation from Councillor Cath Davis for her voluntary work in the North Tyneside community.  The event was attended by over 40 winners from the area, honoured for their charitable work.


MAY 2017 – Team HHH & The NECCR Cancer Run

Team HHH completed this years NECCR Cancer Run at Newcastle Racecourse on Sunday 23rd June. Our numbers were down by 2 due to chicken pox (we missed George and Edward but they will do their own mini-run soon), but the team has raised, so far, over £180 for North of England Children’s Cancer Research. Thank you everyone for sponsoring the team of Hannah, Alfie, Sam and baby Benji.

Here, Team HHH’s Alfie writes about this year’s Cancer Run.

On Sunday 21st May 2017 we (Hannah, Sam, Baby Benji and me Alfie) did the Children’s Cancer Run. We were feeling excited and a little anxious as we set off for Newcastle Race Course. It was a long way for some of us but we managed. As we arrived in the car park we saw HUNDREDS of other people preparing for the run of all ages, which made us feel more excited. We even saw people dressed up as superheroes and gnomes!
My mum, Baby Benji (he’s 3 months old) and Hannah’s Mum waved us off at the start line because we were doing the 3 miles and they did the 1 mile. It was Baby Benji’s first charity run.
We got taken over by lots of people because we were taking it steady, dodging the roots and muddy puddles and picking flowers for our Mums. As we reached the finish line Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper chased us and spurred us on. My little brother Sam is 4 and he ran loads and beat the Storm Trooper over the line.
We were over the moon when we finished because we’d raised lots of money to help other people and that’s what Hannah’s Helping Hand is all about. My mum says she’s looking forward to next year because she likes seeing everyone cheering everyone else on, it’s lovely.

May 2017 – A Sweet little raffle for the North East Autism Society

In May, Hannah ran a raffle of lovely locally made sweet treats and chocolates to raise money for The North East Autism Society .

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, £65 was raised. The lucky winner was Elizabeth Sorsby, with Abbi Irwin winning a second prize of a box of Thornton chocolates.

Hannah says THANKYOU for your continued amazing support of HHH.

April 2017 – Walk for Autism


On April 21st, a mini-Team HHH of Hannah, Adam, Ellie and Emma (plus Hannah’s Mum and Dad, Grandma and Auntie Julia) took part in the Walk for Autism at Herrington Country Park in Sunderland. The event was organised by The North East Autism Society to raise awareness of the condition, and have some family fun. It was Easter themed, so we all got a Crème Egg at the end.

March 2017 – Helping Dottie on her Adventures!

Hannah did a little fundraising at her brother Adam and Mum’s joint birthday party on March 4th, all in aid of Dottie the Dalmatian, an adventurous little (soft and cuddly) pup who writes letters to seriously ill children and their siblings through the charity Post Pals. Each family gets to adopt one of Dottie’s littermates too. Adam and Hannah’s Dalmatian is called Indy, and has been on many special trips with them over the years (see the pictures below). Dottie has a Facebook page here.

Kind and generous party goers raised £95, enough to fund two of Dottie’s littermates and a years worth of letters!

Thank you everyone, from Adam, Hannah and of course, Indy!